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House V, Zagreb - Croatia

House 'V' was designed in order to satisfy the needs of a family. Applying communication between the common and individual rooms, the facilities and functions of the space have been connected into a single unit that creates a comfortable living area for a family.

The house is situated beneath Zagreb mountain Medvednica, on a relatively mild hill that stretches from south to east. The formed building direction and the quality of the landscape have directly influenced the position of the house.

The house is closed on the north side along the street and opens up into a large private garden thus creating a sense of intimacy for family life. The ground floor is intended for the common activities of the inhabitants, with a gradual staircase connecting the serene living area to private rooms on the first floor. Exits to the outdoor landscape are possible from the pool on the southern side, the porch area on the southeastern side, along the glass front of the living room and from the commercial part on northeast side. The open ground floor is directed towards the outside area while the partly enclosed first floor with a terrace only symbolically plays with the relationship of the intimate and transparent.

The longitudinal volume that breaks amply is included in the dynamic by vertical openings on both floors on the western façade. With its shape and careful fit into the surrounding landscape, House “V” stands out distinctly from the buildings around it.

Project type: interior, residential

Start date: 2001

End date: 2005

Construction start date: 2005

Construction end date: 2008

Location: Dedici 63, Zagreb, Croatia

Geolocation: 45° 50’ 48” north, 15° 56’ 46” east

Site area: 3.304m2

Gross floor area: 599m2

Volume: 2.312m3

Footprint: 403 m2

Altitude: 250m

Author: 3LHD

Project team: Sasa Begovic, Marko Dabrovic, Tatjana Grozdanic Begovic, Silvije Novak, Koraljka Brebric, Romana Ilic, Paula Kukuljica,

Collaborators: UPI2M (structural engineering), MR konzalting (electricity), Mario Josipovic (HVAC), Nenad Sutevski (water/sewage), Makro 5 (pool systems)

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