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New Museum of Liverpool

3XN’s winning proposal for a new British national museum; the Museum of Liverpool, will establish a dynamic, open and accessible structure that grows out of its riverside site.

The Museum of Liverpool is to be built at one of the city’s most prominent development sites, located between the Albert Dock and the Pier Head, next to ‘The Three Graces’. The site falls within the Liverpool’s World Heritage site which was inscribed by UNESCO last year. The building is conceived as inclined or elevated platforms, gradually forming a sculptural structure. The building will be fully accessible and will contribute to the public promenade flow along the Docks. Situated at the Pier Head, the museum will be visible from both the river and the city.

The Museum of Liverpool will become the World’s leading city history museum, showcasing social history and popular culture and will look at Britain and the world through the eyes of Liverpool.

Hope is that the new museum will attract at least 750.000 visitors on a yearly basis, and that Liverpool, with the Museum as a lighthouse, can be resurrected to new grand times, and that the visionary building will attract creative forces, generate new agendas and along the way create a new and attractive image for the city.

The museum will be a focal point of 2008 when Liverpool becomes European Capital of Culture. It is with this impetus that the first phase of the museum must be complete in October of the celebration year. After the Capital of Culture Year, phase two, the exhibition fit out will begin with the museum completion scheduled for April 2010.

Adaptation to the site and a clear distinction between new and existing buildings is essential in a sensitive and listed environment. Architecture true to its own time is the only way the area’s history stays visible; pastiches that mime the existing buildings will inevitably obscure the picture. The distinction is furthermore achieved by using smaller size, lower height and a formal contemporary language. This makes The Three Graces and Albert Dock stand out and maintain their visual power, while the waterfront maintains its characteristic skyline. Distinction does not rule out harmony. Harmony is achieved by a balanced use of materials such as a natural stone in keeping with what can already be found in the area, and by planning the new building according to existing public flow lines along the promenade in order not to block any movement patterns. The new building creates protected outdoor spaces and indoor view points towards the city’s attractions. All planning has taken place in close cooperation with English Heritage, CABE and the planners.

New Museum of Liverpool

Address: Mann Island, Liverpool

Client: National Museums Liverpool

1. price in invited international competition 2004

Silver Medal at Miami+Beach Bienal 2006 USA

Completion: 2005-2010

Size: 13.000 m2

Budget: DKK 715 mio. / € 95 mio / $ 125 mio / £ 65 mio

Architect: 3XN by Kim Herforth Nielsen, Bo Boje Larsen, Kim Christiansen

3XN team: Kim Herforth Nielsen, Thomas Käszner, Michael Kruse, Per Damgaard-Sørensen, Kim Christiansen, Martin Musiatowicz, Melanie Zirn, Morten Mygind, Trine Dalgaard, Malene Knudsen, Helge Arno, Carsten Olsen, Dan Hinge, Dan Thirstrup, Erik Frehr Hansen, Marianne Els, Jacob G. Nielsen, Jørgen Søndermark, Rikke Zachariasen, Pia Hallstrup

Engineer: Buro Happold

Exhibition designers: BRC Imagination Arts

Planning Consultants: Drivers Jonas

Quantity Surveyors: Walfords

Project Managers: Osprey Mott MacDonald

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Museum of Liverpool

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