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especiales > Lace apartments, Nova Gorica - Eslovenia / OFIS ARHITEKTI [23/09/08]

Lace apartments, Nova Gorica - Slovenia, OFIS ARHITEKTI

The location of the apartment block is in the centre of Nova Gorica (population 32.000) – Nova Gorica is situated in the west of Slovenia, adjacent the Slovene – Italian border. It lies 92 meters above sea level. The town has also very specific climate conditions – it is renowned is the hottest town in Slovenia in summer and very strong winds in winter.

The object s positioned on the fixed urban plot 48 x 16m x 5 floors. The formal concept reinstates three-dimensional lace which embraces the volume of the building. Furthermore, the lace is transformed into functional elements – projecting roofs, pergolas, apartment dividing walls, terraces and balconies with loggias. These elements are protecting external spaces and interior of apartments and provide additional privacy to inhabitants.

Sustainability issues:

1. The combination of façade elements – projecting roofs, pergolas, apartment dividing walls, terraces and balconies with loggias function as constant temperature buffer zone to the main living and sleeping areas and protect against sudden weather changes and strong winds. Additional aluminum shading panels are placed on the outer sides of the winter loggias and balconies.

2. The service and communication spaces are reduced to minimum thus the daylight is provided on the shafts. The monthly basic energetic and service costs are very low; so also economic for the habitants.


Project: housing block

Client: Kraski Zidar, Sezana, Slovenia

Location: Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Program: flats with public program on groundfloor

Surfaces: Surface: 10.250m2 including parking / Nº of floors: 5 floors + 2 underground parking / sizes and types: 1200m2/floor

Apartment types: 2 room apartment: 69.00m2 / 2.5 room appartment: 89.00m2 / 3 room apartment: 103.00m2 / 70 apartments

Construction start: june 2006

Construction finish: october 2008

Project team:

Project leaders: Rok Oman, Spela Videcnik

Design team: Nejc Batistic, Martina Lipicer, Andrej Gregoric, Katja Aljaz


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