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L-House by Architects Collective

Living surrounded by the brilliance of natural light

The new home for a young family is located on the outskirts of a small settlement in the South of Austria’s Burgenland region and is harmoniously placed into the hilly landscape. The traditional and typical L-shaped floor plan of the region was developed further in an imaginative and thoughtful way advancing modern home, energy and living concepts. The client wished for a contemporary living experience that is blended into the surrounding landscape. The result is a surprising habitat that reflects the way the family lives incorporating design quality, sustainability and functionality in everyday life. The L-House is an avant-garde architectural gem that merges the needs of it’s residents with the environment.


The typical and historical L-shaped building type oft he region provided the impetus for the architects to translate the typology into the 21st century with this distinct landmark structure. Developing the form created a protected courtyard and the separate living and sleeping zones the family asked for. The generous glass areas create plenty of natural light and extend the living space visually into the garden and the hills behind it.

Living Structure

Cantilevering the corner of the L-shape created a covered entrance area that leads into a two-story foyer and a courtyard. The upper level is divided into a bedroom and a living-dining-kitchen zone. Between the two areas is a continuous open space that is flexible and can be altered over the years by the residents. Currently the space is being used as a children's play and reading area.

Natural Light

The house, with 300 m2 of usable floor area, impresses with its generous views of idyllic rolling hills flooding the interior with natural light. The deliberate and expressive building form establishes a dialogue with its surrounding landscape and feels light and airy. At the same time, the building achieved the very stringent local classification of an ultra-low-energy-house by using triple panel glassing. Additionally, the building’s orientation and its deep overhangs increased the comfort and lowered the energy costs for the inhabitants. Light, design and comfort are the key elements of this bright gem in Southern Burgenland.


Location: Burgenland, Austria

Planning Period: 09/2009 - 01/2010

Construction Period: 10/2010 - 02/2012

Architecture: Architects Collective ZT GmbH

Usable floor area: 300 m2 (excluding garage and technical rooms)

Gross floor area: 450 m2 (including garage and technical rooms)


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