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especiales > SSM / Kanno Museum - Shiogama, Miyagi, Japón / Atelier Hitoshi Abe [13/12/06]

SSM / Kanno Museum, Shiogama, Miyagi, Japón

En un pequeño pueblo, sobre una colina, mirando al Pacífico, esta galería privada expone ocho esculturas en forma permanente. La fuerza del diseño tiende a estimular la actividad artística en el lugar. En lugar de un versátil “cubo blanco”, Hitoshi Abe concibió “una catedral” con un espacio específico para cada escultura. Cada espacio es una burbuja. Este espacio espumoso se encierra en una caja de 120 m2 de planta y tres niveles de altura.....


A Prototype of Foam Space

"Located in a small town on a hilly site with a view of the Pacific Ocean, this is a design for a private art gallery intended to permanently display eight sculptures owned by the client. Giving consideration to the state of the town and the program of the building, we decided it was necessary that the space of the art gallery itself should be potent enough to stimulate local artistic activities. In other words, rather than a “white cube” able to accommodate any type of exhibition, we aimed to design a “cathedral,” an aggregation of specific places for exhibiting each of the sculptures.

SSM was given form by creating the eight spaces to hold each sculptures as if inflating them like soap bubbles. This form is defined by balancing the conditions (location, size) that give rise to the boundary surfaces of each cell. In this “foam space”, the overall composition is not given by the external principle but is generated as a result of the relations between the adjacent conditions. This building is a prototype of a “foam space” cut off by 10m x 12m x 10m volumetric frame.

The cells that constitute each of these rooms are made of steel plates 3.2 mm thick, with about twenty-five embossed protuberances per square meter. Honeycomb panels are formed by welding the embossed protuberances of a cell to those of the adjoining cell, resulting in an unusual structure like an aggregation of soap bubbles."


Location: Shiogama-city, Miyagi, Japan

Principal Use: Museum

Complete: december 2005


Architectural Design

Architecture: Atelier Hitoshi Abe + Hitoshi Abe

Structural Engineer: Structural Design Office OAK

Mechanical Engineer: SOGO CONSULTANTS, Tohoku




Steel Panel: Construction TAKAHASHI KOGYO Co.Ltd.



Site area 638.5m2

Building area 121.54m2

Total floor area 220.49m2 / Basement floor area 17.58m2  / 1st floor area 103.26m2 / 2nd floor area 99.65m2





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